Thursday, April 20, 2006

five year history in tollygunge

It was so sad to say goodbye yesterday to my life in tollygunge. the home of wmf kolkata for the last 5 years. it literally and exactly 5 years ago this april that i looked at the flat in tollygunge and decided that it would be my place and what would become the place of WMF.

We packed the last of our things into a taxi with sadness yesterday. We said goodbye to our neighbors and dear friends. I know that it is not the end of the relationships but they will change. the daily life together will end...tea at maya's on my day off, hugs from raja, and everyone in the neighbor knowing our buisiness...i will really miss being known.

Girish park already seems to be a new world. the poor are on our doorstep...literally they sleep all along the front of our building. the sounds of life enter our windows late into the voices and huge trucks make their way up to our 5th story flat. kristin and i took the trash out this morning and before we even made 5 steps a lady asked me to leave the trash with her so she could look through it. i feel that we will be at a new level of accountability in our simplicity and choices. we can not waste because we know that at our doorstep are those who are hungry.

had a really heartbreaking day at that the gach--beautiful, sad and yes heartbreaking. i will tell you that story later. keep the girls of the gach and sari bari in your prayers. they desperately need them.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

we have a HOME!!

Can i just say that finally, after pretty much everything taking a really long time or being really messed up we are finally in posession of our new home just 5 minutes from the gach. it still will require a lot of work but we are super excited to be moved in and we will spend our first night in our new home tomorrow night. just before we leave for the states on thursday. thanks for all your prayers as they were a big part of making this happen for us.

the last 7 months have been so amazing. it is a gift to be here and i already look forward to returning in three weeks after the conference in wisconsin and some time with my family.

i feel like i have a ton to share but have not had any time to process it so maybe on my way home i write up some good blog entries.

love to the people!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Just because it is beautiful and you should see it!

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Pray for these people...

these are the field forum fleshies from all over the world. it was a beautiful expression of the kingdom to see so many from so many cultures and backrounds coming together. we were challenged and encouraged to be together and super encouraged to led by our friend and director Chris deeper into Jesus heart and deeper into the imagination of his kingdom coming for the poor in the world. Posted by Picasa

My hermana ( or so people think)

But i do not mind being compared to such a beautiful amazing woman!! Posted by Picasa

Can i tell you how much i love this girl!

Kristin keen is an amazing friend! I love her so much and i know kolkata would not be a good or sustainable place without her. She is an amazing visionary and beautiful woman. Keep her in your prayers. Posted by Picasa

St Patricks Day

We had a st. pattys party. Yes these pics are out of order but i am just posting as i see things. I have been gifted with an amazing community and an amazing extended community of friends in kolkata. Good to be green in Kolkata! Posted by Picasa

The dissendent daughters

i was super thankful to be with these courageous, strong and beautiful women in Sri Lanka. It is amazing to see how God is using each of us in a unique way for His Glory. Posted by Picasa

Beauty on so many levels!

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trying to look HOT while being sweaty!

I loved my time in sri lanka and it was fun to be out of my regular enviroment and get a little dressed up once in a while. Daphne and i went out to dinner on this night and had a seafood platter that maybe was the best thing i have ever eaten for the best price i have ever eaten anything like it was the first time i ever had lobster on the shell. Posted by Picasa

Fleshie field director Friends from Field Forum in Sri Lanka

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Pigeon Poo and our new home!!

These are a few of our not so welcome house guests. I think we are actually moving into their territory...they have been inhabiting the the house we almost finally have for the last 10 years...they have never paid rent and are very messy...leaving us hours and hours of work to get the place clean. However, last night kristin and i ate domino's pizza on the veranda of what will be OFFICIALLY OUR NEW HOME on thursday morning at 11am. The landlord finally did what we asked and things are getting cleaned and we are so excited about the potential for Sari Bari and creating a beautiful garden(metaphorically) not only for ourselves but for our friends in the gach. This is a huge answer to prayer! Thanks for praying with us!! If you want you can pray against the pigeons trying to move back in!! Posted by Picasa

busy Calcutta

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New "vintage" Saris for Sari Bari

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Monday, April 10, 2006

I have not forgotten...

I have just been insanely busy! I have so many pictures and so much to say but no time to sayit. so maybe tomorrow...