Monday, April 28, 2008

if i blogged...

If I actually blogged in the last week, this is what i a would have written about:

*The coolness of the WMF Nepal Community. Sweet hang out times mixed with times of fear and murderous rage toward extremely large spiders that moved faster than a speeding bullet. moved being the operative word, said spider is no longer with us.

*What God is showing me though Luke Chapter 6

*How to celebrate simplicity with the poor. Imagine facilitating a discussion on simplicity with someone who lives in one room with their whole family. i may actually write a whole blog later this week on this experience.

*The beauty of learning new things, watching the Bengali staff understand why the women respond the way they do, learning the effects of trafficking, seeing how we can serve the women we love so much better, seeing that we are doing somethings right and that we still have a way to go.

*Coffee is always best when shared.

Monday, April 14, 2008

This is true...

Here are somethings that are true about my life in INDIA:

1. I rarely sleep well because of the traffic noise outside my window.
2. I get to eat good indian food whenever I want!
3. God's grace is real to me because i get to see my brokeness reflected back to me everyday.
4. i have very dirty feet!
5. My finger nails are dirty 76 percent of the time.
6. I eat with my hands 50 percent of the time.
7. i can make a plan but i can plan on the fact that it will not happen the way i planned!
8. Jesus teaches me everyday about HOPE!
9. My community and the Sari Bari ladies teach me everyday about intimacy, forgiveness, choseness, freedom and community.
10. When you wash the floor, it will only stay clean for 10 minutes.
11. I cohabitate with insects, rodents and gecko's.
12. I do not know what i look like 98percent of the time. This is often a bad thing!
13. I have significantly more gray hair in the last year.
14. I always look forward to going to work at Sari Bari.
15. The red light area is both the hardest and best thing i spend time doing every week.
16. Sitting on our kitchen counter every morning looking at the howrah bridge gives me life.
17. Cold showers are a beautiful thing when it is 103.
18. I see the bible with different eyes. many things make more sense....
19. Skype makes living here not so far away...

I guess I will leave it on an odd number.....just to keep it interesting. Lots of other things are true but right now i am headed for bed so i can get up and run in the morning! So number 20. could be, i get up every tuesday and thursday morning with beth and run by the river, just because.

The end of the experiment

The experiment is over but my life is changed. I think, hope and believe. I still find my hands willing to stay open and ready to give. My heart has changed. I feel more open to kolkata, to see the suffering than i have for a long time. I turned around yesterday when i walked past an old man and gave him something. He did not look like a beggar or an addict, he just looked desperate. I wondered what he was doing begging...he must have been really desperate. he seemed more like a villager, with some grave need, i did not have reason not to give so i turned around and gave. i hope i can stay soft, ready to respond, i let the rupees linger, collecting on the bottom of my purse ready for whomever God send across my path. we all need mercy and to be seen. i know after the last week, i need mercy. i need mercy. thankful today that i am beginning for the first time in my life to understand undeserved grace, beautiful mercy.