Thursday, January 17, 2008

SB is finally legal

Amazing day! Really amazing...the long awaited day....SB is now legal in India. We got our trade liscense...the next step and easier step is business registration with the goverment and in a few years maybe we will be a company LLC! We were all quite overwhelmed today at our staff development meeting. Just another prayer answered and really an answer to prayers of women who have yet to leave the trade...more lives will be made new! What a beautiful gift on a thursday...certainly a gift for the 27 women who currently walk in freedom because of a few old saris and a little grace from the master.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Some light reading if you are interested....

Restoring Life in the Red Light Districts of Kolkata, India
By Sarah Lance

The New Conspirators: The Broken Among the Broken
By Chris Heuertz

Things that I will love this year...

The beautiful amazing Daphne marrying her true heart friend Caleb in may.

My friend Kate marrying herself a Bengali!

Maybe 15 new women coming out of the sex trade through Sari Bari!

Guitar lessons! Yes i might become the next Hendrix...

Going on dates...yes it is possible.

Kerry and Annie coming home to Kolkata in February.

Getting my own little place.

Eating indian food every single day.

Turning 35 and hoping that older means smarter, kinder, and more generous. more beautiful inside and out would not bother me either.

my gray hairs

real friendships

creating beautiful things for my friends and for sari bari

Going to Disney World for a real family vacation.

visiting the Forcatto's and all the fleshies in Argentina

everything new and made new under the hand of the master...

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Down by the river

Some of these are from the Burning Ghats(where they cremate the dead) so view with discernment.