Friday, April 22, 2011

Kolkata Community Prayer Requests

Continue to pray for our Sari Bari ladies, many continue to wrestle with health issues, family problems, and depression which often carries over into the work environment. Please pray for peace to rest on them and for holistic healing to engulf their lives. Pray also for our staff as we seek new and creative ways to love, mediate, and advocate on their behalf.

Please pray for one of our ladies’ daughter. She is currently looking for a safe place to board her so that her daughter doesn’t have to live with her in the red light area.

Pray for Sarah as we send her out to begin her 9 month Sabbatical. Pray for renewal and refreshment as she enters a new season. Pray that all her needs will be provided for extravagantly. Pray also that she will be surrounded by a loving and embracing community as she moves to Portland for these next nine months.

Pray for Radha, that she will walk in strength and wisdom, that her body and health would stay strong, and that she could continue to lead the KG Unit with love and a heart of service.

Pray for all of our WMF staff’s children. Pray for protection and health and clear minds as they study at school.

Pray for Shela’s husband as he walks through some difficult times in his job. Pray for their marriage and strength for Shela as she loves and supports him.

Pray for one of our KG women who has struggled to come to work for some time. Pray that she will know how much she is loved by our staff and that she will have the courage to return full time to work.

Pray for two of our SB ladies’ eyes. One woman recently had cataract surgery on her left eye and is now recovering, pray that she will have no complications and can return to normal life rhythms quickly. The other woman is taking medicine for similar cataract problems, pray that the medicine would work and she would have a clear check up in a few months when she returns to the hospital.

Pray for our ladies and staff as they say goodbye to Sarah for nine months. Pray for peace to cover them as they process how much they will miss her during these nine months.

Pray for a miracle in the cotton industry! There has been a cotton strike for some time now, and we have had a difficult time getting the supplies we need. Pray that the strike would end quickly!!!!

Pray for Upendra as he leads and serves the WMF community and Sari Bari. Pray for wisdom and rest and he takes a break next month. Pray that God would renew and guide him both at work, in his marriage, and within his family.

Pray for our field as we offer hospitality to many visitors and teams throughout the summer. Pray that even with so many folks coming through, that we would be renewed and rested. Pray that we could experience the gift of stability even with so much transition!

Pray for each of the WMF staff members as they take their quarterly breaks in the next two months. Pray for rest and peace to cover each of us!

Pray for all the women in the Canning Prevention Unit. Pray for their families and the many problems and worries each of them face each day. Pray for Gita as she counsels and serves these girls.

Pray for Gita and Rafique as they prepare for their baby to arrive in the fall. Pray for health for the baby and for Gita.

Pray for one of our newest Sari Bari ladies, pray that as she begins the journey to freedom that she would grow in confidence and determination. Pray that she would have the strength to work through these six months of training and discover the powerful family that Sari Bari is.

Pray for the auction Sari Bari is hosting to raise money for office computers and new sewing machines. Pray that there would be an amazing response and that Sari Bari would be provided for in abundance!

Pray for Kyle as he manages the finances and production in the next months.

Pray for Beth as she leads and serves the field, pray for peace and joy to cover her, and that she would lead from a posture of humility, love, and wisdom.

Pray for Brooke as she returns from Bangladesh at the end of the month. Pray for her transition into our Kolkata community and for her formation year to be a time of discovery and purpose.