Saturday, February 24, 2007

My hair loss reality

This is the amount of hair i lose every morning and every night when i comb my hair. The hair loss is startingto get disturbing. My thick hair has turned into thin hair. think i might be getting a really short haircut for the first time ever in my life if this does not stop. On the flip side i am having sympathy for men with comb overs since i might have to do that soon!!

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Pigeons, rats and cockroaches oh my!!

Well if it not one form of wild life in our house it is another. We have been living peacefully with a rat for almost a year. he doesn't bother us, we do not bother him. well now he is breaking the rules the last couple of days and breaking into all our food, getting into the cupboards and making a mess. today we discovered his nest because a whole loaf of bread was missing...yes the entire loaf plus packaging (he is that big!)...and we discovered it behind the fridge along with a grocery bag of other items...i now understand the term pack rat after seeing our friend turned enemys little home. so now the war is on...we, well i have been resistant to poisoning the little guy from the begining cuz i do not want to deal with the carcass but today after cleaning up that nest i am ready for a little rodent homicide.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Beauty of it all

It was an amazing two days in bakkali. I have so many thoughts...we really celebrated our lives together over the last year and the one year of freedom that we are marking for the first three ladies who came to sari bari a year ago on february 20th. we ate, slept, swam, worshipped, prayed, hugged and laughed. it was a beautiful celebration of the hope that we share...lots more to share but it is late and my bed looks too good to pass up so more tomorrow....
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Sari Bari Picnic in Bakkali

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Yes, you can not see any bodies faces except us americans but i did that on purpose, wanted to give an idea of where we were .... There is another photo collage on the sari bari blog with slightly different pics...check it out at

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

KFC by candlelight

Okay so want to wish you all HVD as my mom just wrote me! kristin, beth and i went out for HVD to KFC and it was busy and decorated for HVD so kinda normal but then they dimmed the lights and brought out the candles and seriously it was cool in a weird only in india sort of way. so we had a candle light dinner at KFC on HVD and ate chicken and hot fudge sundaes and told each all the ways we think each other is cool and lovable and amazing. it was good. surely, i will not forget KFC by candlelight on valentines day anytime soon. hope you HVD is a as unique as mine.

small inconviences that bear good fruit

Well we have been without electricty and water for the last 2.5 days. this is the second time in a week. i feel like it has not been that hard really...i keep trying to think of it as a way to identify with our friends who regularly lose these somewhat basic things. it makes life hard but wow it really slow you down too...for me this is a good thing. i had a whole list of things to do yesterday on my computer but i couldn't because the battery on my computer was instead i reorganized, filed, spent time with jesus, rested and listened to music...i did have batteries on the ipod :) !! it was a really good day and it left me refreshed to my time in the gach yesterday evening. we had a really time with the girls we spent time...we drew pictures with our friend chobi who desperate needs attention and affirmation and had lots of chai with several other friends. we prayed before hand that we would be an encouragement and it was really cool to talk to a few girls on the street who look like death warmed over and have them smile and be happy to see us. it was a good day.

we head out for bakkali tomorrow to our Sari Bari should be a blast! we are just taking the three ladies who have been with us from the begining and our staff and their families. we are hopeful that it will be restful and a good community building time.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Go Colts!!

Love that the colts won the super bowl. love that i am not to old to drag my rear out of bed at 545am to go watch the super bowl at a friends house. i love that my friends are kiwi's and think american football is for wussies but watched the game with us anyway at 6am. i love that i got to talk to my brother and share in his joy that his team won....he is a serious serious fan. i am only a fan because he is...i would have had to be loyal to the bears if they had not been playing the colts. since i am pretty sure the last super bowl i watched was superbowl 20...when the bears won. i love my brother and my sister in law and their crazy allegiance to the colts...i mean look at what they are wearing :)
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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Rocky Balboa

what an amazing movie...i have not enjoyed or been inspired by a movie like this for a long time...i was clapping and jumping out of my seat. thankfully i am in india and this is normal behavior in movies. i mean i enjoyed rocky the original but kind of thought the rest lost something but this last one is great...i heard even the critics liked it. really great movie..everyone should see it.

Friday, February 02, 2007

when the internet actually works...

we have been without internet for the last 4 days. and it might not last today...who knows why it is not working but it is fairly frustrating when we have had the people here twice...anyway that is dumb news....

here is some really great news. we have 7 new ladies at sari bari for training. it is really exciting. yesterday was so great. we played the knot game and basially tied ourselves in a human knot and had to get out of it with team work. i told that i can not make my life go along its proper course if i try to do everything on my own...i have to jesus and some good friends to make the road easier and the burden lighter. it ended up being a great object lesson because the knot tooks us at least 20 minutes to unravel from...there were lots of missteps and hard parts but together with a little outside direction from upendra we got untied and gave ourselves a standing ovation at the end. all the ladies started on their own mini blankets and we right now working on making straight lines and small stictches as we move forward we get into measuring etc. we ended the day with a birthday party--for a freedom/new life party for all the new ladies. we had cake and coke and a good time. the original sari bari ladies shared with the new ladies about what the birthday party meant and what a huge party we are going to have on the 20th which is their one year freedom anniversary and the 1 year birthday of sari bari!! it was a amazing, so good, terrific day.

today, after all that goodness, i felt a little of what it must feel to god and constantly pursuing a fickle and easier distracted children. one of the ladies seems to be having some troubles and said she was going to quit so i changed my whole plan for the day after having a good cry with kristin cuz i just felt overwhelmed at the thought of just one more time pursing this woman...until i realized that this is exactly what jesus does for me...and there will never come a day when he stops and so there probably never be a day when i stop.

it has been a good, hard, tiring week and i love being here...appreciate your prayers as we walk in this desert with our friends to freedom.